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CRT Monitor Recycling Service

1.Recycling Scope

Along with the update of technology, CRT Monitor is steadily replaced by LED/LCD Products. However, some families, institutes may still have CRT Monitor that need to be recycled. CRT Monitor contains heavy metal lead and mercury. Even the quantity is tiny, Vannex bears social responsibility as the sole recycling compnay in this area.

​2.Recycling Procedure

Vannex will dismantle CRT Monitor, and sorting. The material will include: Metal, Plastic, PCB and CRT Tubes. CRT Tube will be put into Vannex's facility to dispose and clean. The cleaned glasses will export overseas for reuse. 

CRT Recycling
Macau CRT Recycling
Macau CRT Recycling

CRT Monitor Dismantling Display

CRT Glasses Cleaning Display

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