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Electronic Products contains heavy metal which impacts human health and environment without proper disposal. Most parts of electronic products can be recycled to raw materials, for example, plastic, metal etc. For those relatively new model of computers, we will be able to donate to charity units after proper process. Vannex is the operator of the Computer & Telecommunication Equipment Recycling Programme. This Programme aims to serve Macau's citizens, governmental departments, schools, hospital and non-profitable institutes. All citizens or above-mentioned institutes can drop-off the electronic products to mobile collection vehicle and fixed collection points.

Please also see Macau DSPA website:



Our daily electronic devices are mostly supported by batteries. Recharable batteries can be reused but they impact our environment without proper disposal. This Battery Recycling Programme set up about 900 collection points for Macau's citizens and institutes for drop-off end-life batteries. 

Please also see Macau DSPA website:

節約能源 循環再造


Save Energy, Recycling & Reuse

Fluorescent Lamps contain metal, glass and mercury. Mercury is toxic, thus, disposal or transportation of mercury must be cautious. EPA of USA studies show an estimated 2-3% accidental breakage rate while boxing lamps prior to pickup. The 0.001% emission rate from our facility lamp crushing system provides for less mercury vapor emission. 

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